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Membership to increase number of daily offers you can send


I think Fiverr should add an option for the sellers to increase the number of offers we can send daily. I mean currently its fixed 10 number of offers we can send daily which is in my opinion is very less.

If Fiverr could provide an option to purchase a membership monthly/bi-annualy/yearly to increase the number of offers to be sent daily to 20-25 then it will be a good feature.


it’s 10 daily to make sure everyone gets the opportunity, even though it’s 10, you can see the seller’s bid overload every buyer’s request. Just imagine what would it be if each one of us gets 20-25 daily bids.


You are right. But nowadys as fiverr is having a lot of issues and we are not getting direct messages. So we are depending on the bids.


How many offers do you convert? Does it really worth having it? Would you pay for it?
To me it doesn’t worth it, conversions are minimal.


I can’t find time to send even 10 offers.


80-90% Sellers only posting their service related requests on BUYER REQUESTS. only 10-20% are the original buyer requests to respond. Most of the new sellers not even reading the Buyer Request instructions and offering 20 to 30 offers to a seller profile who mentioned about his working abilities.