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Men vs Women

A lot of peoples here on fiverr wants to know that who is good seller a men or a women but i think some peoples objectifying women’s for getting orders by putting sexy girl’s pictures on their profile does this stupidity really works ?

i don’t think so!!

Do you want to start world war 3 with the title?

Reply to @kay2809: No kidding, I became immediately emotional when I read it! Cause, you know, I’m a woman. :wink:

Of course Men, I am a Good Example. I Joined Fiverr in January and only got 14 Orders

2 canceled, 12 Completed, 8 Positive review and 4 Not Rated.

Reply to @vainpaper: Ah, I didn’t know if you were a woman. I’ll remember that. You know. Forever. Does that freak you out ? :wink:

Reply to @hdlogodesigner: see you are a men but you have very hot picture of a girl as your profile why you need this picture what you thought when you put it on ? did you thought this will attract buyers ?

Reply to @kay2809: lol no i just wanted to know the mentality of different peoples here well are you a men or women ? :smiley:

Reply to @samad_designs: ROFLD =)) I think that’s a girl.

@samad_designs huh? Lol! Of course I Would Make the Best pic I took My Profile Pic.

There are Buyers who just buy for chatting. Its a MOnEy MoNeY Deal. But still the amount of buyers the men get is double of what woman get( Life is not Fair)

Most of the Top Rated Users are MEN.

Reply to @kay2809: lol read his comment he say he is a men but a men with hot profile pic :smiley:

And I repeat AM A GIRL!!!

Reply to @samad_designs: You’re killing me now =))

Reply to @hdlogodesigner: lol so you advice us to do same think but i think i am not ugly :smiley:

Reply to @hdlogodesigner: “Of course Men, I am a Good Example.” then why you wrote this lol :smiley:

Reply to @kay2809: please stay alive i am here for selling logo not for killing peoples :smiley:

Hah?Look what we have here :))

@samad_designs Does not Understands English.Did you ever Read a Literacy Book.

I think No, if You cant Understand What I said,Go and Study.

I have a Question In my Mind… How do you commiunicate with the Buyers (Symbols)

LOL am afraid you cannot understand what I said. Really Sorry =)) =)) :))


I am a good Example of a woman, You can check all men users who joined in January have sold about 50 -70 thats why i said Men are Better.and If you cant understand what I am saying, Please Study the Literacy Book.Did you go to school :-)) =)) =))

Reply to @hdlogodesigner: LoL i was just kidding i knew what you exactly said but i have no orders so i was just having little fun why you are becoming so serious why dont you take English language class :smiley:

Reply to @hdlogodesigner: LoL no i did not i was finding a hot teacher now i have you :smiley: