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Mental Breakdown

Hi everyone. Hope all of you are safe and healthy. My entire family has been tested positive for covid-19. One family member is in very critical condition who’s fighting for her life and the rest, including me, are showing mild symptoms. June was going to be my most successful month in terms of numbers of orders and revenue. But with all of this going on in my country and particularity in family, I can’t focus on my work at all. I have lost the will to work and I just want to spend next few weeks with my family only. I’m not in a mental condition to deal with my customers and in this situation, money is the last thing I’m caring for.

Therefore, I have paused my best selling gig for quarantine period at least. My concern is if I get back to work by the end of June, would I continue from the same position or my gig would be de-ranked? I don’t want to lose my hard earned first page spot due to a very legible reason. Please let me know how worse this hit is going to be. Thanks!


Sorry to hear that :frowning:

It’s very possible that your gig will go “down” after you come back, but then again, I’ve been out of office many times and my account wasn’t affected. It’s a matter of luck, I guess, but your health and mental health are more important.

Hope everything turns out ok.


Sorry to read that. I fear nobody can tell you how bad the hit for your ranking might be; some people post that they experience long slump periods after breaks, others say it picks up again soon for them. Chances are that your gig will be de-ranked, as Fiverr wants to show buyers active gigs, obviously, (or even because of normal gig rotation), so I think it’s unprobable that you would continue from the same position if your gig is inactive for two weeks or longer, but how bad it will be/how long it will take to rank higher again, your guess is as good as anybody else’s.

However, half of June is over already, and as you say it was your best month yet, and it’s just two weeks until end of June, and money is the last thing you care for, maybe just do it and take care of your family and yourself those two weeks, especially if a family member is in critical condition, but that’s something you have to decide for yourself.

In any case, though, if you feel you’re having a mental breakdown, press pause ASAP.

All the best to your whole family!


I hope you all recover!

I’ve heard of people picking back up after a week or two as if they never left. So it’s possible to not have a bad affect. The sooner you can come back the better however.


Hope you get the strength you need now and care which your family need the most.

I am not an expert and really not eligible to give any guidance but wishing and hoping that once your return your work and position is not affected. May God bless you.

Take care


This is a very scary time for you - I was so worried for my son when he had the virus. But he recovered and so will all your family members …

Many good wishes to you all from here in Scotland.

In the meantime, don’t think about work. Take the time you need.

And keep us informed. We all love to hear good news.


Wishing you all the very best.

In terms of work, whenever I’ve paused a gig or put my vacation out of office notice on it generally takes a couple of weeks for people to start ordering my gigs again.


You will rise again.
If you can do it once. You can do it :100: more times. Everytime better than before.


Hi. I’m finally back. And thankfully, all of us have recovered. Thanks a lot for your concern guys!


Wow. Good to hear that. :+1:


Sorry to hear this is going on, a friend of mine came in contact with someone who was tested positive the same day and it sort of put everything on hold, so I get where you’re coming from.

I went out of office 2 weeks ago for about 10 days and in the same night I returned, I directly received 4 new requests. It didn’t really affect my ranking, if anything I would have wished for a slower start back into business but it really only affected my account in a positive way.

You should take as much time as you need and be with your loved ones, that matters more than stats.


Take a break and start full of imprecation.

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Thank you for showing me a new word:

im·pre·ca·tion ˌimprəˈkāSH(ə)n

  1. a spoken curse.

Increase your price extremely high and increase delivery time. That should help

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How are you now and your family?

Obviously, it will be de-ranked you should give your account to someone (trusty) friend or family member who know about your services

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Yes he is right give your account to someone else or just access