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Mental Health and Weight loss Support

Brightest Greetings!

I am Jessie, a writer, photographer, mystic and peer support coach.

With my diverse professional and educational background I have a deep wealth of knowledge and experience to be of service to those in need of mental and emotional guidance. I have a bachelor’s degree in Arts & Letters and graduate coursework in Psychology and Counseling.

As a coach I am able to provide knowledge, support and encouragement to those desiring to work toward happiness and a better self.

I can help you with establishing goals, learning new skills, building connections, opening up and uncovering your inner self worth. For some of us who have trouble making friends, leaving the house or talking on the phone, I am able to provide vital communication support.

For those in need of mental health support, I have a unique and intimate understanding of mental health disorders. On the days where maybe you don’t see your psychiatrist, therapist, counselor or spiritual advisor and just need some support and someone to talk to, I can fill in that space. A peer support coach can be an excellent addition to a support network.


I would like to consult a pysihiatrist