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Mentor/Mentee Program (BETA)

Follow up on some of the feedback from the “What are you looking for in the Forum?” thread from a few weeks ago. One of the takeaways from it was that some sellers were looking for “Mentors” on how to best optimize their Gigs and their time on Fiverr.

Well, good news! We’re launching a test program to match sellers with each other with the goal of creating a Mentor/Mentee bond.

If you’re interested in more information, please follow this link to sign up.

We’ll contact you if you’re selected to participate in the test. Many factors will go into choosing both mentors and mentees including, but not limited to: sales, category, Gigs, & buyer communication.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Wow, this is incredible!

@mjensen415 Can I sign-up Twice for being a Mentor and Mentee?


Signed up! fingers crossed.


Please consider me too, I already filled the form.


Yes please. You can sign up for both.


Wait, I’m a bit confused now. Is this about teaching others the path to more success, or about teaching others to do exactly what you do?

Because if it’s the latter, wouldn’t it be like cutting the tree branch beneath your own feet by revealing your work secrets (built over the years) to others and thus increasing your own competition? (for I’ve had a lot of fresh sellers ask me to reveal my process, tools & secrets so that they can offer the same services as me :neutral_face: )

Maybe I’m overthinking, maybe I’m not thinking - can anyone tell me a bit more about what this program involves?


Just signed up! Hope, it will help others.


Its not about teaching or revealing your secrets woofy. Its just to teach them How the site works and how they can make the best of it. You can be a perfect Mentor as you are a TRS and a very experienced sellers. It will be almost same as we do on Forums but a little specific as it will be more focused on one seller.

Hope that make sense. :hibiscus:


I was worried for a minute there :smiley:

Thank you for your reply and kind words Saddu - would it make much sense to also sign up as a mentee after seven years of fiverring? :thinking:


Do you think you need more to know after spending 7 precious years of your life here. :astonished:
Come On Professor, Be ready for your class. What if I am your mentee. :smirk:


“What are your expectations for what you want to get out of this program?”

Most difficult question…


That’d be awesome :smiley:


Done! This should be a very interesting program as I have so much to share and teach, and I look forward to mentoring others (or someone else) - but not to worry, I won’t ditch the Forum, it grew too much on me :wink:

P.S. @saddu_writer what if I get to mentor @eoinfinnegan? (assuming he signs up as both mentor & mentee) I already think he knows too much, it’d be like trying to teach the teacher :cold_sweat: maybe he’ll sign up as a mentor only, though… :wink:


this is a nice idea :smiley:


This is the very nice initiative by Fiverr. Hope it will help sellers to build a good reputation in this platform :smiley:


Oh well yeah you are right. But i have a little different views about it. The one who has joined one day before you, has more experience than you. At the end, experience is what matters. So in terms of that, you are the one who joined wayyyyy before than Us or Eoin in particular. :smirk:

Yep that can also happen. So what if, He turns out to be your mentor. :smile:
Btw, It will be really funny, if the Mentor or Mentee pairs turn out to be regulars on Forum. :wink:


You told me it made no sense to sign up as a mentee, so that can’t happen… although now I’m having second thoughts about it :smiley:


I actually think that could be interesting and productive - or else we would be the kids at the back of the class who just chat and joke about stuff. :smiley:

I do think anyone could probably get benefit from being mentored - even just from an accountability point of view. It can be useful to have people to discuss things and follow up with. I do that with a small business group and it is useful. Different people have different skills and freelancing requires a bit of everything.

Edit. I signed up as a mentor only although I already do that with a couple of people on an informal basis.

Edit 2. I am especially happy to see this program as it came from a Forum question which got answers of “I would like a mentor” and now Fiverr is trying to make it happen - its nice to see.


Hey @Woofy31 since you can’t choose whether to be a mentor or mentee, how about just being a mento?

But you still have a choice to make: do you want to be a fruit mento or a mint mento?