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Mentors and mentorship on Fiverr? (Question)

Hello, world! I have been reading a lot of Fiverr’s blog posts.
And in many of them, authors suggest finding a mentor whether it’s an online mentor or a mentor near my location.

I have tried the second option (Find a mentor here in my city), but this search does not lead me to any result. After weeks of searching, meeting people… No one is actually working here at Fiverr.

As for the online mentor, I’m going to first define what is a mentor for me: Someone who gives me specific orientation here in Fiverr about a specific topic once time, or someone who is a kind of friend that helps me (And I help back).

My question is: is it valid to contact other sellers asking for mentorship?

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No, it isn’t, and your messages would be probably be reported and blocked if you did.

Have a read around the forum, the blog, the academy - you’ll find more than enough information and you won’t need to hire a mentor.

Good luck! :sunny:


Well, there was this post in July, but nobody knows whether it got anywhere, it seems:


Hey, thanks for reaching out!
That’s the reason for my question, I understand that it’s against the rules doing such thing.
But some posts do suggest to do it.

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Well done for asking before you did something that might get you into trouble! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Mila! it’s apparently in beta-test stage (since July), let’s see what happens in the coming months.

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You can find mentorship proposal here:

and here is one of my proposal:

Hello, negiservice, thanks for sharing this idea, however I do not think this is the way to establish a mentoring (According to what I’m looking for).

What you propose is more like a referrals program, not a bad thing, but it’s not what I’m looking for.

Thanks for your proposal.