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Mentorship Will Be Appreciated

Good day Everyone!
I am glad to join this forum. I have been on Fiverr for some time now, but still struggling to get orders. I have the intention of responding to some messages as soon as possible.

Please can someone tell me what is missing and what I can do? I am ready to take to correction for better results.



Dear Femzit,

I am new in the sense that i did not received my first customer yet.

I try to spend time in forum here, I learned a lot from quick responding forum members. I think it is a good place to start and learn about how to get customers.

The best think i learned from forum is about Terms of Services, the code of conduct, policy of Fiverr.

As a newbie our mistake could lead to a account deactivation. For me it is the most important thing to learn first, otherwise, we loose heart and quit freelancing.

I saw your gigs, they are 2 only, you might think about adding 5 more, as the limit is 7 gigs.

I read somewhere using red and blue color is more attractive on internet to visitors.

Keep reading on forum, i do it too, lets see what other experienced members respond to your awesome query/post.


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Thanks for the insight.

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