Menu error next to profile picture


in my acount, a menu next to the profile picture is not showing. before when i take mouse on my earning there is a sub menu like “my gigs,buyers,sellers” and etc open down but now there is only my earning showing and can’t click on it. Please help!


OK! Fiverr made a new Update. Can’t you see the New Menu Updates? Where you have “COMMUNITY”, “SELLING”, “BUYING” and YOUR PROFILE. You can still see all your GIGS on the “SELLING” sub-menu. Hope it helps.
Good luck
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thanks mam…i found it.


Great! I am happy you found it.
Take Care.


BTW the menu update has ONLY been updated for 20% of the users on this platform.

Just an FYI.


That’s true. Thanks for your note. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I wish to be one of that 20% :joy::rofl:


I prefer to be the last 20% so they can work out all the kinks with someone else. All new software have glitches! :laughing::laughing:


I am one of 20%:grin: