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Merge two account into one


I have two accounts. I want to merge both accounts into one account.
How can I do that?


It’s against Fiverr TOS to have 2 accounts. You can get permanently banned at any time. Delete it immediately.

You MUST read TOS:


Okay I am removing one account

Thank for the threat i mean information.


Threatening people who prob just didn’t know they had an account when they signed up for a new one. Jesus. Some people are just crap.

I made this MISTAKE too. I guess I should be flogged for not realizing I already had an account.

And the reason this mistake got made is cuz there is 5 login and account options. I must have manually signed up once, then year later when I come back, think I created with FB link, click that to do my thing and not realize till the next day I created a new account. How horrible. I should be beaten to within an inch of my life for this. How dare an old man forget something like this? Please have mercy on me.


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