Merry Christmas!


Just about to hit the beautiful REVENUE button – and then off to do some Christmas shopping. What a different experience the holidays are this year compared to last year. Fiverr has made such an incredible change in my family’s life this last year. I just want to wish everyone a VERY happy holiday. I’m feeling so blessed right now I felt I had to share.



I love sharing threads. They don’t get a ton of heat but they are inspirational. Fiverr is like a trip to the stocking every morning. One of the only places on earth where seeing your work load increase actually makes you thrilled.


That’s the spirit !!


Have a Merry Christmas Kiff! :)>-


Merry Christmas Kiff…!

I will design awesone christmas cards…


Reply to @dennis922922: No, just no with the spamming.


Reply to @cheezees: this is my real gig…