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Merry HALLOWEEN!?!?!?!?! ~the Holiday Season~ SPECIAL OFFER!

Check out the gig and get spooky:

SUPER fast delivery!

>:) =:) 8-X Buy one get one FREEEEEEEEE! (*)
LIMITED TIME OFFER! (Read carefully!)
Get an extra Holiday (Christmas) version for FREE with your Halloween order!
*Just paste the gift code below in the gig description!


Gig Description:
Halloweenize ANYTHING!

I'll change ANY one image from its original state, to a festive Halloween style image!

Both commercial or personal use is OKAY!

- Art
- Logos
- Advertisements
- Graphics
- Photos
- Textures
- Desktops
- Icons
- Cards

Fan art is okay if you have permission to modify it!

*Due to the low price to guarantee the finished product is of acceptable quality the size, style or restrictions may be modified so the desired goal can be achieved within the budget.

This gig is for one single image! If you have many images on the same page there may be an extra fee.

Revisions are *not included in this gig as a feature whatsoever. However if there's something you would really like changed I may be kind enough to change it for you on request. Otherwise you will need to purchase a new gig.

*PLEASE NOTE: This is very important! If you don't own the copyright for the materials you provide, or you don't legally have permission to use them I can't take your order.

You take full responsibility for the legality of your images. By purchasing this gig you agree that you have permission to use, and for me to modify the image.

If you want a different Holiday please ask before purchasing! (Please note you can NOT change the free Holiday version included with the gift code.)

Take a peek!