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Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays ya all - Do you have a Fiverr $$ target for 2013?


Hey guys, wishing you all a wonderful holiday and an awesome 2013.

So what’s your Fiverr target for 2013 ? Do you have one ?


Wow, ya all! Love it (live in Texas so am now very fond of the term)…

More time for me and my family, less work…


my target for 2013

Earn $10,000 from fiverr


Reply to @madmoo: You are on the right track to become a super seller. I am sure thats gonna happen in 2013 :slight_smile: Good luck.

madmoo said: Oh and there's that small matter of being a super selle

I'm having a feeling that you are going to become a super seller soon!

@simplyjo, Fiverr target for 2013, keep selling gigs on an average of 1 per 2 days


You know, I don’t mind sharing a “this or that” about a specific this or that on Fiverr that might mention money. However, generally speaking I don’t like to participate in topics that ask for “total revenue” or ask about "money goals"

So, I’m going to opt out of this one


Reply to @anarchofighter: May one ask why? (I’ve similar thoughts on this too)


Making better and better gigs and offering people happiness. Also getting my first order! Happy New Year to all :slight_smile:


Reply to @happy_space: Still waiting for your first order ? Keep adding more gigs and promote them - it will happen ! good luck!