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Message About Gig Being Removed Is Not Accurate


I just spoke with Justin in customer support who confirmed with a seller success manager that the message about our gigs being removed from search if we do not have packages is not accurate.

He gave me permission to post this message on the forum.

It will also be addressed later here he said.

You may let them know that the information is not accurate, and the success team will address it as well to confirm that the information being sent out is accurate, in the event this notification had been sent accidentally.
ok you mean not accurate?

As in no Gigs are being removed from not being upgraded to packages. That information is not true, and no Gigs are being removed from search.


Don’t know what to make of it. I just converted my gigs to triple packages. There’s a lot of uncertainty around here. Hope the people at Fiverr are watching and doing something about it.


I am editing my messages here to correct them and reflect the accurate information that no gigs will be removed from search due to not having packages.


I don’t know, but it does not inspire confidence. I don’t know what to say here.


No. it was a fake message
leave it


What would help is to get an official announcement one way or the other.


I have edited this message to reflect the new information I have about this.


I can’t call this official because I didn’t ask to do so, and I don’t think it clears up everything. I did get some information similar to what @mc was told, if that helps any. Mine came from a combination of two sources outside of Customer Support, but within Fiverr, so maybe they are all getting on the same page. Anyway, mine is in the bottom part of this post:

CS doesn’t give the same response to everyone on everything, so that does make it tougher.


I am not sure what you are referring to, but I don’t think what the OP here referenced was actually a fake message. It was a message that may have been worded differently than it should have been, but not actually fake.

If you are talking about a phishing message that went around recently, that was fake, but not what this thread is about.