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Message and links from suspicious users

So, I have received a lot of messages on a few of my gigs, but none of them are to actually discuss the services I provide. They are all messages from people saying they are in a different county and need my help creating some sort of account or that they need to talk to me over discord or ■■■■■. They also send a link in their message, but I have no idea what it could be so I never click on them.

I can only assume these are scams, but am I the only one getting messages like this?


No I also got one. If they just give a link but won’t actually say what they want/what gig, they’re probably not legit. Also don’t do anything like offsite contact or anything that would be against any terms of service or put your computer at risk. You can report them if you think it’s a scam.

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No, pretty much everyone is getting them. You’re getting more than some of the others because you’re new, so they’re hoping that you’re naive enough (or desperate enough) to accept without thinking.


I appreciate the answers. I definitely am reporting them as spam messages. Thanks again

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If you are don’t interested about that people whom are knock in other topic. Mark the message and ignore them.

So did I but he/she/they were from china asking to use my identity and computer, instead I politely declined and suggested that if they needed wordpress development or digital design service they can order it from me :yum:

This has to be a big operation. They might have over 100 people all doing this in some hot stuffy dirty room somewhere, all using VPN.

Agree. Sometimes the messages are removed automatically when the scam account is detected. My advice is to ignore the message if you find it suspicious, and report it if you are certain it’s a scam.

well. its true that almost all the sellers at the top of the fiverr search results get spammy messages. but good news is… within 4-5 hours Fiverr removed their accounts… so knowing this… most of the time i never respond to those messages.

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