Message Before Ordering


How many sellers here ask their buyers to reach out with a message before ordering a gig?

How many of those buyers actually heed that request?

If fiverr wants to be known as a source for quality work, must we stick with the whole immediate order/immediate response system? Why…

…Oh. I just realized that this system helps fiverr process buyer payments for gigs that might not actually get completed.

Clever girl.


Yeah, surprisingly many buyers either dont know how to read, or just can’t be arsed with gig descriptions, and just order them blindly. I’ve suggested for a very long time that a buyer should have to agree to having read the description before they are allowed to place the order, or the buyer would lose all their rights if they lied about reading and understanding it. Seller could then extend the delivery time indefinitely until the buyer has provided whatever is required, and if that is not provided or they ask for something you don’t sell, you could then also cancel the order with zero penalties.


I ask buyers to contact me first because I want to know with what kind of person I’m dealing with.
Besides this, when they request a custom order instead of just ordering they usually save money because in custom offers I close the gaps between packages.

That said, 8 out of 10 times I send the buyer to another seller.


Fiverr was built on and is still marketed on the idea of placing orders in a quick and convenient way without the need to post a request or contact the seller. That is the difference between this site and the others.

If you really need to have people contact you first, stick the price up unreasonably high and you won’t get orders before contact.


This does work about half the time. They are more likely to read the gig description if it costs more.


Agree on that, except “unreasonably”. If the price is in a higher range, buyers will contact you and/or read the gig description more carefully.


This does not seem like much of an issue for me, because half of my orders are custom and the other half are not. However, the people who order the custom gigs often add in enough information to allow me to write their content for them.


From my basic experience with Fiverr, people that are serious and already chose you — they won’t hesitate to smash the “Order”. I only had one gentleman that was a bit hesitant, but he ordered in around ~5 minutes. I mean we spoke for 5 minutes, and that was it.

And people that sent me long messages, telling me how great I am and why they chose me — they never ordered anything. Could be a scam, could be just the mentality. Doesn’t really matter.


This is also true because fewer people order overall, but the ones that do order, order more than the minimum priced gig.


The more messages they send and questions they ask the less likely they are to actually order. In my case they are skeptical and trying to see what I say, and have no intention of ordering.


Another theory. Maybe they’re undercover agents, testing your loyalty. Just a different POV.


Seconded. It’s all about revenue and speed. By minimizing the hassle on the buyer’s end, they’re more likely to make impulse buys, and convert. Adding one extra step could mean a significant loss in the millions, on Fiverr’s end.

On the other hand, it’s still possible for them to earn the same and beyond by increasing buyer loyalty, through a more meticulous ordering process. In doing so, we have happier buyers and sellers overall, which also causes less strain for their customer support.

Now imagine if it were up to the seller to decide?


I think I have it written 2-3 times in my gig description and even highlighted and bold so they see it lol It is very important I discuss the project prior to any orders. When I first started on Fiverr (years ago), people were wanting a 5 page document done for $5. This, of course, is why I put “Please message me prior to ordering to get a quote”, etc.


I have one gig where I ask to be contacted. Only one person so far did not listen. I didnt give him a refund. I delivered what I could and told him to deal with it. It became my first and only bad review :slight_smile:


I always prefer that because of different reasons including but not limited to buyers ordering packages of a lower price than the work they need for plus some buyers don’t know what they’re actually looking for in technical stuff sometimes.


I do a lot of custom work as well which works well for me at the moment. I occasionally get someone order before discussing but lately they have been very small projects I can do in an hour or two so it’s not a big issue. I usually prefer people to check in before ordering because Fiverr isn’t my only source of work so I’m not always free just because I have only one order in my queue kind of thing :stuck_out_tongue:


I just had my first canceled job because a buyer didn’t bother to give me more information and the necessary links before ordering. And he didn’t have the patience to communicate with me answering all my questions and because I have made a mistake in one of my answers and he didn’t understand me he told me something was wrong with me and I should ask for a cancellation because he didn’t have the time to talk since he wasn’t at home but outside and used his phone. I accepted that because If he can’t understand me how can we work together. I feel terrible though because I had already spent a couple of hours on this project. something I mentioned to him but he couldn’t care less. and he was rather offensive telling me its better to work with people living in the USA. I will definitely report him.


And even though we canceled the order see what he sent me now:
Don’t try to hack customers or sell their identities via this platform. Don’t use any tricks to do anything wrong when you use this platform"
What kind of person does he think I am?