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A message of mine was flagged by the T and S team and I’m just wondering if I’m likely to get in trouble?
A potential buyer asked me a series of questions, including how long I usually take to fill a 400 word order. My response was:

“Oh, and average delivery times for a 400 word document just depends, sometimes it would be same day if I don’t have many orders (don’t judge this by the order queue though as I also use other freelance platforms), and sometimes it’s the next day. I try to be prompt with my orders though, as you can see if you check out my reviews. :)”

I’m assuming this was flagged because I mentioned this isn’t the only platform I operate on- is it against the rules to have accounts on other sites? I’m really nervous because I wasn’t trying to suggest using another platform by any means, and I didn’t even say which sites I use! Am I going to get in trouble for even mentioning I work elsewhere?

Thanks for your help!


No, just don’t mention that you have other accounts elsewhere. :slightly_smiling_face:


So I will get in trouble for saying “This isn’t the only freelance platform I use”? Even though I didn’t mention any specifics at all?? Fiverr is my main source of income- I work on here full time, I’m scared I’m going to be in trouble because of this. :confused:


I hope not - depends what T&S decide. I hope it works out okay for you.


Gotcha. Thank you :slight_smile:


Another reason why your message was flagged might have been because you mentioned reviews. It’s automated, and the system might have thought that you were soliciting positive feedback.


Oh, of course! I didn’t even think of that. Thank you! Hopefully it all gets sorted out.


I hope so, too! Usually, when there’s nothing actually wrong with the message, it all turns out fine.


Yeah, I agree it might be because of the review that was mentioned. As for me, the system usually warns me by highlighting and turning the text to color Red whenever I mention review in any format. This usually does force me to check out for other synonyms I can use instead.


Keep us updated :relieved::v:t5::blush:


It’s never a good idea to mention “other platforms” also.


Honestly, I didn’t realise a vague, non-specific mention would be an issue, because I hadn’t seen anything suggesting that using other sites was against the rules. That being said, I’m definitely not going to take my chances next time!


That auto-flagging is very common, and as long as you didn’t say anything that is not allowed, then you don’t need to worry about it :slight_smile: Saying you have good reviews or that you don’t work exclusively on Fiverr shouldn’t be against rules. My messages too have been flagged before. And the red text warning pops up daily when discussing anything about payments methods supported by fiverr, for example.


I think your answer was too long. Try this:

“1 to 7 days depending on how many orders I have.”

You don’t need to tell a buyer your whole story. Remember a magician never revels his tricks. Tell them what you’ll do, not how you’ll do it.


It’s not against the rules to use other sites, but there are those who would prefer to hire you on some other site, and Fiverr, of course, wouldn’t like that.


Thanks for all the help guys!

The message was marked as fine by the team, luckily. I’ll be taking all of your feedback on board for my future communications!


That’s great to know. Happy for you :grinning: