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Message but no order

Some buyers are messaging me for some work! I do reply suddenly! But they are just not replying me! Why this is happening?

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Hi picvidpro.

In the online world communication matters a lot. As we don’t see each other face to face we have to convey our message through our communication. So, it is really very important!

I define this beacause you may reply with the work.
“Hello sir, I don’t have portfolio or sample work but i can provide you quality work with an hour”
or someting like this.

Firstly you just greate them with “hi or hello” then “sure” and then upload your sample work. when you suspected that he/she has seen your work then do a counter question means " can you please provide me your website link (if any)? " or " can you please provie me your business details " or something like this.

Also download fiverr app-----download a high volume sound----and set it as notification in fiverr app.

Here…on fiver even a 5 minute late response cause you to lose the customer and every a day can hold a customer.
but mostly the customer left.

Therefore we have to reply as soon as possible.


There could be a chance that they found someone else to do their task, or they no longer want that task done for them! There is a lot of reasons that a buyer might not respond!

I have also dealt buyers messaging me and then not responding once I reply! It is a little annoying!


Sometimes it´s good that they did not come back and rather scam someone else. I know how it sounds :slight_smile: but it could be the case as well.