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Message came in Spam

Today I got a message from buyer but not in my inbox but in my Spam folder. This has never happened before.
I was confused a little like something was wrong from my side but I unmarked it as spam, texted to buyer but he did not respond and I reported as spam.
Can anyone tell me what was all that because its something new happened to me.



The automated Fiverr review system for messaging thought that the initial message was spam and so automatically redirected the message to your spam folder. The review system is far from being 100% accurate however, so real job offers might indeed wind up in the spam folder, but in this case, it seems it was accurate.


Thanks for your reply. I did right to mark the message as spam again?

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Well, I do not know the content of the message that you received. Did the message seem like spam to you? If it did; sure, relabeling the message as spam was the right move.

only got a message β€œhe” twice and nothing else/ I think buyer mean hi

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