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Hey folks, hope you all are will fine. this post is only for newbies.

According to my Fiverr experience, communication skills matters a lot to convert a message into buyer or buyer into client. so here many seller are not English native speaker, my suggestion for those kindly improve your English.
If a buyer belongs to US then try to use US format English.
If a buyer belongs to England then try to use England format English. this will help you out to generate more sales.
PS: Mostly I get my 80% orders via inbox instead of direct order through gig, Communication skill is the key of Fiverr.


How can a non-native English speaker switch to using “US format/native English” ?

Your tip sounds like:
“if someone comes at you with a math problem, my pro tip is for you to be good at math”.

Listening to the prospect and the problem they are looking to solve, then replying in a timely manner, asking questions first, is a much better tip.

If your English is not on par, then practice makes perfect. There are tons of free materials online, and some cheap services where you just skype with tutors to help improve conversational skills.


I am a native US English Speaker. When I communicate with my friends who are from England, Scotland or Ireland I do not need to adjust my English for us to understand each other because when we communicate on Fiverr there are no accents. So I am puzzled when you say:

I also want to say I am impressed by all my buyers who have worked to learn English and can communicate with me, even if we have to send sentences back and forth to clarify things sometimes.


I mentioned above “improve your English and deal a buyer with their culture” Means newbies should workout on their English and understand the differences of both UK and USA, If a person will workout on his/her English hopefully they will become good in it.


I just simply share my experience that how i get more orders just because of communication skills.


I speak with people from all around the world and not once did I have to change how I speak or look into the buyer’s culture in order to make a sale.


Agree. I think it is more important to be yourself and speak in your own voice. I were commenting to someone in the US and my comment was “Wow, what bevavior!” I would not reformat it to “Blimey, what bevaviour!” speaking to @offlinehelpers That seems cheesy to me.


But in this post my main focus was that newbies should improve their English communication level to get more orders.


Agree, but there is a difference between learning a language and trying to emulate a native speaker. This is what leads to me being called “Dear” by bearded men every day.


We are commenting on that part of your post.

Is that why you opened with “hey folks”?

Are you practicing what you preach?


I agree wholeheartedly but your tip was that they need to speak natively US.


Somehow you are right, but in my opinion seller should know English differences and accent, they help a lot as i noticed. It is same like as if you are and indian and i talk to you in Hindi, it will more attract you instead talk in English. getting my point ?


Somehow I think you are trying too hard, which would put me off if I were a prospect of yours.

Just saying.

Hindu vs English is not the same.

You need to speak the latter in order to sell internationally.

Anyway that’s all I had.

Best of luck in your attempts to sound Irish!


I called an elevator a lift one time when I was talking to someone from England. Is that what you mean OP?


Good thing you weren’t speaking about cigarettes.


I pinched a ■■■ when his back was turned. That sentence has two meanings depending on if you are talking American or England English.



I dunno, how our :four_leaf_clover: Irishman @eoinfinnegan would feel about imitators. :smiley:
@offlinehelpers accent is just lovely, I think her little sayings rubs off on me. :heart_eyes:


Your English is neither of them. I think your success is the result of other skills you offer.


Yes, I’m just not sure how she’d feel about us talking like Dick Van Dyke’s chimney sweep. I assume she’d give us a kick right in the bum. :peach:


Correction: YOUR :peach: lol :sweat_smile:

My lovely :peach: can’t have :footprints: on it! :stuck_out_tongue: