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Message error during revision


The last sale I made was delivered within the corresponding period and after 3 days it was completed automatically. I offer two revisions on my gig. However, yesterday the buyer sent me a message saying that there was an error and the 2 messages that he sent me to request a revision were not sent. Indeed I did not receive any message from him in the last 3 days. Now he asks me to do the revision and send it to him through a chat message.

My question is what should I do in this case.


If he has free revisions left and wants a revision through the Fiverr messaging system and you know what he wants changed I’d do the revision and send it through the Fiverr messaging system.


I am willing to do the revision but I have the doubt if there will be any prohibition on the part of fiverr with the sending of a revision through the chat and out of time

No it’s fine as far as I know. According to one forum thread I think CS suggested a buyer ask for a revision that way, though I can’t find what thread it was. You could ask CS if you need to be sure, though it might take days for them to respond.

I have not found information about it. I will contact fiverr support to see if it is possible to do it that way. Thank you

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Dont do revision no your work is done or ask for little more payment and do revision i suggest you to charge for revisions

You could check CS’s quoted message in this post:

According to that post, CS said:

If the buyer was not fully satisfied and the project wasn’t fully finished, yes, you need to address the revisions the buyer has. If you fail to do so the buyer may contact us to cancel the order.

I don’t know what they really mean by “fully finished” though. It’s probably more important to do the revisions if it’s within about 14 days of order completion though. If they come back after 2 years I’m sure you’d not have to do them (and you’d likely have removed any source files anyway).

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It is a complicated subject. I’m still not sure what I should do. Anyway I’ll wait for CS’s response

I think it is not appropriate to make free revisions but in this case the buyer had the right to two revisions and apparently there was an error with the messages which were not sent. I don’t know if it was an error from him or the platform.