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Message flagged for review, still no response


So, 2 days ago a message of mine was flagged for review by the safety and trust team. It’s been more than 48 hours now and I didn’t get any update about this issue. Could that mean that my message just blocked? Shouldn’t fiverr inform me about that? I’m pretty sure that I won’t get any notification about this no matter how many days I’ll wait.


It should display the message. Does it show “Your message has been flagged” or something like that on your message? Or there is no warning message there?


It just shows " youw message has been flagged…"


Sometimes it takes more than 24 hours, eg. on weekends. Maybe the trust and safety team take weekends & bank holidays off so it may take longer then. Just wait for it to get checked, or maybe give a message to the buyer if necessary.


What if I don’t get any update after a week or so?


One of my messages had been flagged recently too, and it took much longer than usual until I finally saw it had been forwarded, something between 2 and 3 days, I think, probably 3.

If it´s something urgent, you may want to consider rewording it and sending it to your buyer, mine was quoting ToS, the bit about contact, so I couldn´t really reword it. It didn´t show the red warning frame but still got flagged. :upside_down_face:

To make sure your message to your buyer gets through, avoid any words like email, pay, payment, outside, etc. Yes, it´s very annoying if you´re using any of those words in totally “harmless context”.


What exactly happened after 3 days?


The message appeared in the conversation, below the message, there´s a green “banner” saying “After we reviewed your message, it was approved and received by (buyer name) on 26 Mar 14:51.”