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Message Flagged- What to do?

I promised a client that I would have his work sent to him by the end of the day. It’s a plot. As usual, my plots start with sending the client the synopsis that I will be working with to make the outline chapter by chapter. This ensures the client likes the idea which is the core of the story.This time when I sent the client the synopsis, Fiverr flagged the message saying my post is being flagged for review by Trust and Safety and it may take 24 hours for the client to see the message. The message contains nothing that violates any of Fiverr’s rules. Can I rephrase the synopsis and send it to the client (because I need to get him the work today as I promised) or do I wait on Fiverr to do their thing? Is it okay then to reveal to the buyer that my synopsis to him is being reviewed and I’ll have to wait to proceed?

Contact Fiverr Customer Support as soon as possible. They will possibly solve this issue and rescue you.

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I’d send another message to the buyer if it’s important that they get it soon and maybe say it’s being reviewed. I assume you sent the client the synopsis an attachment. I’d probably reword it and check it doesn’t contain anything that Fiverr might want to review (though I didn’t think Fiverr automatically checked attachments for words that might make them check it). Check the message doesn’t contain things like “email” or “contact off Fiverr”.

No, it wasn’t sent as an attachment because it was just a one paragraph summary for them to approve so I could start writing. There is no contact information at all. Just talks about a woman wanting to get revenge ya di ya dah

If it doesn’t contain anything that’s against Fiverr’s ToS, could you send it as an attachment image? Use a tool like snipping tool to take a screenshot of the content? That way your buyer would still receive it within the time limit.

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Problem is, I’m afraid to re-send given they flagged it and asked for it to be reviewed within 24 hours. If I go ahead and circumvent that and send another message rephrasing, will they count that against me that I didn’t wait for them to approve the message?

I can´t see why they´d count good customer service (not letting the customer wait for your message for 24 hours or perhaps even longer) against you.

I did rephrase messages in the past when I got one flagged and belatedly realized what expression may have triggered the flag and sent them without anything being counted against me (as far as I’m aware) Once they clear your message, they know you didn´t try anything against ToS but just to do your job, so it should be fine.

There are certain keywords that I’ve realized make the Fiverr algorithm think you’re trying to do something against the ToS. For instance, this happened to me the other day and I’m almost positive it was because I used the phrase “outside of Fiverr”. I know I’m late to this, but maybe you could, in the future, rewrite it and try to make sure nothing “violates” or triggers it and explain to the buyer that your previous message didn’t go through so you had to rewrite it, but they may get a similar message in the future.

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Even using the common word “money” triggers it.

Words that trigger it:

outside of fiverr

Since you are sending plots to people you could send them in a .doc file.

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If it triggers it again you might have a TOS violation notice possibly or something similar so without knowing what did it I wouldn’t.

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The offending word could be in the synopsis (think to the words related to some kind of crime or violence). The system has a kind of “short fuse” personality.
It gets mad even when you write “pay attention”.

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I wish there was a list of all the offending words we can’t use. Someone mentioned the word “kill” being one. I wouldn’t have thought of that but there are possibly a lot of them. It makes me wonder why it would be not allowed. Are people threatening that to their buyers or sellers?


I vote for “dude”.

You can always say “may you live in interesting times”. It does the job.