Now many will get my message and approve while many will not understand and post stupid replies.Which ever your opinion will not change what i think.

Here we go:

im fairly new as a seller but been a buyer for years with a separate account.(so i don’t get confused in sales and orders.)

What i want to say to all sellers, and especially the ones that might not understand English very well, the section “BUYERS REQUEST” is for BUYERS to request help from sellers instead of searching trough the many pages and gigs.

Now today i was looking for my daily clients has i do often but today especially was horrible.(may 18)

for every potential clients i saw 7 i*ts sellers posting services and its FCKING ANNOYING. It’s not even funny anymore and most of the sellers that post where they shouldn’t don’t even understand English. There message needs to be decoded like Sherlock and even then most of them its google translation and we all know google translation is not the best at times.

Now these next few words are not hard to read or understand ==STOP==STOP==PLEASE==STOP==.

not only is it annoying and confusing but not the place. There is a reason why nobody hires your gigs and i’ll enumerate the basic reasons:

1- your text cannot be understood due to the simple lack of English written knowledge

2- a lot have had bad experiences with you and won’t trust again.(in fact most my clients come from sellers like that and now they always come to me.)

3- not all but a lot have a major lack of respect. you get frustrated when clients are picky and want revisions etc…if you can’t do customer service right change business. seriously most part of this business is talking and having contact with people.

4- people are simply tired of quick buck makers and want someone that will do what THEY want and not otherwise.

5- they want someone that will understand when they speak.(write in this case but you get what i mean.)

Those are only some of the reasons i know and heard from my own clients.

Personally I’ve experienced all of those being a buyer and now i have a extremely short list of sellers i do business with and will refuse sellers outside countries that the main language isn’t English or french. (that’s how bad it is.)

Now fiverr it wouldn’t be hard to put a code in to block keywords being paired together such has “i’m a …looking for customers…”. its not that hard to implement that. the long part is putting in the code without screwing other things up. But ultimately it can and SHOULD be done in the buyers request section because its gotten freaking ridiculous.

Can’t even send my 10 allowed offers without scrolling down trough at least 400 adds which half if not more are sellers.


This post may sound somewhat racist but people are tired. People are going elsewhere instead of saying something. I understand outsourcing is a new fab but doesn’t mean chaos needs to come with it.

This needs to be regulated. I myself just started on fiverr and just got my Level 1 seller badge that im already planning my relocation to another platform. Thats pretty bad.

It’s like if i go at the coffee shop to get a coffee but they only have donuts and understand 1000 donuts boxes there’s 3 coffees to find.

Do something about it fiverr. common!!. with all the money you take from us the sellers it the least you could do, No?

That’s another issue. 1$ on each 5$. Theres no way in h
ll it even cost you has much to process payments and maintain the site. Talk about greedy.

I can hear you people right now saying “well if your not happy go elsewhere”. exactly what i’m saying when people don’t say anything. Instead of opening there yap they leave.

Not for a reason Canada is considered a chicken country. (im Canadian before you say something.). yeah i called my country chicken and we are. US are psychos that want to take over the world. Korea wants to nuke everyone and Russia wants beef.(where all guilty.)

Now i wouldn’t be surprise if this post gets removed. Thats what we do these days when we can’t handle the truth. That and elimination.


Anyways i said what needs to be said. Fix the buyers request issue and fast.

Feel free to leave your hate comments below or your support comments below.

either way i stand by what i said and trust me i left a lot out or else i would probably get banned from fiverr.

My true opinion is what i said 100 times worst. Picture it and smile!


to people who read and complain about my english im canadian and i speak french so i think my english is quite good enough to serve all my clients and have anyone understand me.

anyways enough of edit this post the situation actually got worst. WOW REALLY!! And it just gets crazier on week-ends.

Now i don’t go there anymore because i have all the orders i need and they come to me. My level 2 seller badge in just 64 days will say it all. (my english can’t be so bad if that happened.)

Anyways Fiverr you need to do something about that. I don’t answer buyer request when i have a day off and im bored i go and apply to sellers and nicely explain that there at the wrong place. The main reply i get to that is: Well were i get sell. u client how?

?!?!?!? its even worst sometimes. that is why i talk about people who can’t understand english properly. I don’t think they know buyers don’t look there and all the replies are sellers and other sellers who don’t understand anything.

Anyways i gave up on that issue. It’s hopeless and pointless. i doubt fiverr will ever do anything about it and i have my regular clients to keep me busy.

(sad to say that 97% of my clients come from bad experiences.Its sad it got that bad so fast.)

quick buck makers i call them. always going to be some and im always going to be here to show their past clients they don’t have to worry about anything anymore im here for them.

Good luck to everyone!

P.S: One question; why is it that some people that are americans feel like im talking about them, when i say i don’t? Why do am…bah won’t go there. anyways HEY!! beaver tail, tab…can’t say that either.(swear word in french.)


Reply to @writerlisaz: has i said im french. My english is really great for a french person. actually much better then most bilinguals i know and also my super good english got me level 2 seller in 64 days. Can’t be that bad no? im canadian also HEY!!


Reply to @dtongsports: bah im canadian HEY!! i speak french. i find my english just great to serve my clients. wasn’t aiming at americans either. they understand english.


Reply to @writerlisaz: has i said im french. My english is really great for a french person. actually much better then most bilinguals i know and also my super good english got me level 2 seller in 64 days. Can’t be that bad no? im canadian also HEY!!


Reply to @dtongsports: bah im canadian HEY!! i speak french. i find my english just great to serve my clients. wasn’t aiming at americans either. they understand english.


There are many people who really like the website and are doing well. Not everyone depends on searching through buyers requests, there are other ways to get orders. Do you advertise anywhere else outside of Fiverr, maybe on social media or something?

I also think that part of the issue, aside from some spamming of course, that will always happen, but it is a language barrier. I am surprised sometimes even here in the forums, sellers coming asking for help but they way they write it


Personally, I thought there was a rule against promoting Gigs on the Buyer Requests section, and I agree that it’s annoying although I don’t think it’s only being done by those who don’t speak English well.

It’s also probably impossible to get rid of because there are more every few minutes.

Still, it’s not the only way to find buyers :slight_smile:




Hopefully, people can see that those people spamming the buyer request page aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing and won’t engage with them.


Surely Fiverr will weed those accounts out? I can’t imagine buying from someone who posted in the wrong place; I’d assume the seller didn’t know what they were doing and that that applied to their work as well. Yes those posts are annoying – absolutely – but I don’t think the sellers posting them will either last long or take your business.


Reply to @diablofredd: While I agree with most of your post, I also disagree with skipping people who don’t live in one of the 7 Golden Countries [aka the ones speaking English as native tongue]

Many of us speak and spell better English than many natives offering the same service. Our biggest flaw is not knowing slang. And you insulted more than half of the world’s population with your ignorance, well done!

PS: “well done!” uses a sarcastic voice tone. I’m mentioning it simply because there is no such thing as written sarcasm.


Yes, it’s annoying, but I find it far more annoying that it isn’t properly moderated to keep seller advertisements out to begin with. Between that and buyers requesting things that should be against TOS (like asking for help faking documents so you can get a bank account…), it could really do with some cleaning up.


Your list continues with 1 buyer followed by 3 more sellers.


…and there seemingly isn’t a report button next to requests either! Why is that?


The marketing and business communication education in this platform is obsolete. Including your post. You shout all this nonsense about people understanding and speaking English yet your rant looks like an 8 year old typed it out.

I only got to the first two paragraphs and all I heard was blah blah blah so I stopped reading the rest. Most Americans don’t have that much of an attention span in 2015. :slight_smile:

It’s a feature that is bugged and spammed, I agree. However, to try to degrade other humans while sounding like a fool yourself only makes one fool…


Reply to @pfpgogo: wow look at the offers they are getting! Clearly it must work!


Changes are occurring on the site but not in the places that are in dire need of them. The site isn’t what it used to be back in its infancy days. Hope you fare better in the near future.


Reply to @dtongsports: phew, I was wondering if I am that bad at English while trying to read the article


I agree with @dtongsports: Your post would carry a lot more weight if 1) you weren’t ranting so vehemently and 2) you wrote in better English yourself. Simple things like starting sentences with capital letters would go a long way to gaining some credibility with what you say, since you are, after all, ranting about bad English.


Reply to @ricksper: LOL


Reply to @customrapsongs: The one thing I’ve seen is that some sellers have mentioned that they’ll submit offers to sellers spamming that section just to tell them to stop doing it, so some of the offers you see them getting might just be others writing in to say cut it out.