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Message from potential buyer dissapeared

Hello there. I am new to Fiverr and I came across my first issue. I received a notification grom the fiverr ap saying that someone had messaged me.

I clicked the notification and it took me to the message. I wasn’t able to bring up the keyboard no matter what I tried to respond so I exited and reopened the app to try again and the message was no where to be found.

I tried searching the archive option and it’s like it never existed. I do not want a negative reply rate so im hoping this can be solved asap!


Sounds like the Buyer either withdrew or deleted their message.

Maybe contact Fiverr CS to be sure that it isn’t a bug.

Make sure you check your spam folder once a day. Incoming messages may end up in spam folder, at no fault of the buyer and yours… I think the system picks up when a person PM too many people at the same time.


Even when I was responding to an offer, as a buyer… My “reply” to their “offer” was blocked. It took almost 24 hrs before it was approved.



In addition to what others have said, that message could have been removed by Fiverr if it was spam or a scam.

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Ah! It was spam. Thanks for all the help guys!

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