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Message got flagged!

This one client marked the order as complete and asked when I’m going to send him the files! I told him that I’ve already delivered him the files! He asked if I’m going to send the files via email or not!
I told him that it’s against Fiverr rules and doing so can get my id banned. and just then I got this message that my message got flagged!

Now that I’m trying to submit a request to customer support about this issue, it says “requester eamin93 is suspended!”

Here’s a screenshot of that conversations!

So does that mean you cannot send a ticket to CS, at all??
As long as there is a way to show CS that screenshot, they should be able
to help you out …:thinking:

Yes, I cannot send the ticket! I’ve tried twice and failed to contact them!

I’ve had this a couple of times as well. Some keywords get flagged, safety team will review them and usually the flag is removed within 24 hours. I would say don’t worry about it.

In your case I suppose it was “outside of Fiverr”


Pretty sure it was “outside of Fiverr” as well. I´d look up a relevant link in the ‘Buyer Help Center’ with info on how to accept/download a delivery and send that to the buyer, so they won´t have to wait for a reply for too long and can see how it works.

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Thanks for this info, I was really worried about it.

Thanks for the info, really appreciate it.