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Hello friends last day I received a message from person when I replied to buyer my message goes into review and this message came from fiverr

“Your message was flagged for review by our Trust and Safety team,
due to possible Terms of Service violation. This process may take up to 24 hours.
In the meantime, your message is not visible to. Your patience is appreciated.”

is my account is in trouble now ?



You might have been flagged for using phrases that are red flags for breaking the TOS. Unless we know exactly what you wrote to that buyer we cannot tell you what rules you broke. And CS is the only one that can have a final answer anyway. :slight_smile:


hello mate I wrote that thing "sir now a days it’s very hard to make a account on upwork if you will create the account then they will trace you location and suspend you account "


you used “Upwork” word Fiverr hates to hear other marketplaces name that’s why Your message was flagged for review by their Trust and Safety team. They will review it if you were not giving your upwork profile or any personal info then you’re safe. Don’t worry.


@rashstyles is right. Once my message was “flagged for review” when I said, “Sorry, I do not offer services on upwork”. It was soon unflagged, most probably after “trust and safety” teams reviewed my message. So, nothing to worry about unless you were actually trying to get in touch with your client outside fiverr.


No, unless you broke Fiverrs Terms of Service - you have nothing to worry about.

“flags” are tripped when keywords are used - You should be fine :slight_smile:


Hi @graph_ino,

Please remove buyers username in your initial post, it’s not allowed by Forum rules.

BTW, that account no longer exists.


yes I said " Sorry" to that buyer


Thanks mate I removed the buyer name and also his account is no more


Thanks that buyer account is removed now . Is am I save now ?