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Message inbox going crazy

The entire inbox jiggles around when I simply move my mouse pointer around over it.

I also can’t seem to get used to the way a message I type disappears, or jumps up out of order. I can’t even tell half the time if what I wrote and sent actually was sent.

Messages back and forth to people are not in order. I can’t see what I type, and each of my messages is in no particular correct order, and I can’t see what the other person typed as it is all in a separate place from MY messages. It’s just all jumbled up.

Time stamps on messages are not in order. Old messages appear as if they were just sent, while the new messages are not even showing. This is a mess.

With almost each message I have to refresh the whole page to see if it got sent or not.

I want the old message inbox back. I want some other way to send messages. This doesn’t work.


When i had wrote about this…Many guys troll me at forum…
Now you got- actual issue :wink:

Sorry that you are having this problem. I still have my old message inbox. I hope you will get back yours.


I almost can’t use this at all… It’s way too buggy and frustrating. This is a nightmare.

I’ve been trying hard to get used to it somehow, to put up with the bugs, the jumping around, the lack of order of messages, having to constantly refresh the whole thing every time I send a message. I’m at my wit’s end.


This is why I use the mobile app exclusively for messaging. It’s way more convenient to use.


From the frustration that you are experiencing, I hope my old message inbox will remain.


Why take the one tool I absolutely depend on for my entire fiverr business and make it so difficult buggy and frustrating?

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That is a very weird issue, perhaps it will get fixed on the scheduled maintenance this weekend? I send you harmony and love so you may better enjoy your Fiverr experience. <3

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It’s a non stop battle with the thing.

I’m glad I am not the only one! I find it is worse when someone is typing a response - very frustrating. And that’s with just a handful of conversations - I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be if you are juggling dozens of buyers…

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That’s the most terrible part. We can’t even see a coherent conversation. No two messages are in any order. They disappear or jump all over the place so there is no rational organization. You can’t tell what you said in response to the other person. It’s truly terrible.

Please clear all the browser cookies and delete your browsing history and clear the temp files stored on your machine.

Let me know if it helps. :slight_smile:

No thanks. That is not the problem. What would make you suggest that? Please don’t pretend to be an expert. The inbox is buggy. My cookies browsing history and temp files have nothing to do with a buggy inbox.

I know how fiverr saves duplicate cookies. You should try it though. It happened to me in the past and that’s what CS has told me to and I got it fixed. Anyways, I won’t respond you if you think that I am pretending to be an expert :frowning:

Cookies have nothing to do with it! And I’m also going to keep accumulating cookies. And I have zero problems any place else. Come on. This is a buggy script on the message system.

When a site has bugs doing things to your own computer does not solve the bugs.

The inbox has bugs ok? Why can’t you understand that?


This looks like the perfect representation of what the Fiverr inbox is doing right now…


Same issue with me but fiverr not listening

Now my message box is showing two messages at the top, both the same, that say:

something went wrong X
something went wrong X

These disappear after a half second.