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Message inbox not showing. White screen appears

Hi there, I logged into fiverr and have to see important messages but since last some hours, on the inbox page nothing is showing. A white screen appears. I tried firefox/chrome/IE but it is still not working. Please check the issue and let me know how to fix it. Here is the screenshot attached.


Check this “Message inbox not showing”

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where is this message?

My Inbox is ok, so it’s not a site-wide issue. You may try again by clearing your browser cache. Is still you see this you may check your browser extensions. Try disabling all extensions.


even my simplest Microsoft Internet Explorer is not showing inbox of fiverr. I tried every browser I had. Tried it on different PC but the problem is not resolved.

You can contact support team of fiverr

You may try again by clearing brwoser cache & cookies.

Exact same thing happening for me on two different computers, on both Firefox and Safari! Can’t reply to any messages, just white!

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how to contact support team for this issue?

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You can easily find the help & support option bottom of the site page .Then submit account issues ,they will knock you later .

Same here - 3 different PC - Windows and MacOSX – Chrome and Safari browser- Can’t reply to any messages.


I am having the same issue. I manage to open it if I make the window half screen but then cannot send a custom gig offer, and I have a buyer waiting for one. Any suggestions, anyone?


It works for me on mobile with the app, that’s been my only workaround so far.

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You could try clearing your cache and cookies as that might be the suggestion you would get from customer support.

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hi guys ! I am facing same issue…I have tried clearing cache and cookies and eve tried in differnt browsers and computers…but it seems that issue is all over…!

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but I am still able to use mobile app and can reply all messages easily !

Maybe it’s a problem or error that makes the page. Maybe communicating with support can help you better

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If the app is working fine then it’s either your computer or the location. I think
If fiverr is doing updates then it will be same to all users but mine is working fine so it’s not an update. I am thinking if it’s happening in specific location then that will be the reason.

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I have tried all that myself… used Firefox, chrome, safari. PC, Mac… same issue.

For the browser, I can get to the messages by, clicking - All in the inbox - that takes you to this link.

I guess it is the same issue affecting Creating Custom Offers.

Same issue here, sent a support ticket 12 hours ago and no answer so far.