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Message inbox not showing. White screen appears


Same here. No replies from there. Same issue


Fiverr should start hiring some of its sellers for some tasks…like replying emails:


I am not having issues with my in box, but, when I look at what you posted there - I noticed that the username you have here in the forums is different than the in box you are trying to access, which appears to be “melvinbee”. If you have 2 Fiverr accounts, I would suggest you need to close one of them, as this will get you banned from the site.



That’s the username of the person he’s trying to send a message to.


It affects Firefox as many of you have mentioned, but I found out that everything works fine in Brave browser, so you can use it as a workaround until Fiverr fixes this problem.

Sorry, spoke too soon, Brave is affected too…


Ah yes! You are correct. I just went to see if that is what the address bar showed when I clicked on a message in my In box. Thank you for correcting me. :wink:



No, it is not.

Even in other browsers, there is a workaround to view messages. But none for Custom Offers. Same thing with Brave.


Sorry, spoke too soon, Brave is affected too… :frowning_face:


That is odd. I am using Firefox and I can access my in box and respond with offers etc.



That’s weird.

I have tried everything. I even tried all the client’s recommendations…lol.

Does Fiverr officially communicate when they have such outages?


I delivered an article and on the order page as well as the inbox I can see the message but not the delivered file. Is anyone else having problems with attachments?


I really do not know if they communicate. I very rarely see anyone who represents Fiverr (tech or otherwise) on the forum. Maybe you could send them a tweet on their Twitter to get their attention?



There is definitely something wrong with Inbox. My replies to the buyers messages are not showing immediately, only after 5 or so minutes. Pretty confusing but hope that they will fix it soon.


Yeah, something is definitely wrong with inbox messaging.


The issue solved for me. I was able to send message now.


The issue solved for me guys. Now I am able to communicate with the buyers :slight_smile:


I can communicate buyer but they are getting my message within few minutes later

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