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Message is not Working/Showing on Main 5r Site

My sellers are sending me messages but it’s not showing up under the message icon. I can not access it. I coincidently looked under transaction page to look at something and there was a question for me, which I did not know was there.

Can someone please check this?

It’s frustrating for buyers and sellers when we don’t get message notification. It makes it look like we are ignoring each other.


Are you still having this problem, Gina? I’m receiving message and order notifications myself.

I’m getting notification/email. When I go to page, I can’t click the message. It say the last message was from a month ago.

I have orders right now with messages from sellers. It’s not showing.

Main contact system is down, cannot contact ANY seller

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My messages to buyers often don’t go through. Attacents too. Today I had a frustrated buyer saying she sent 4 messages and none of them came through. Fiverr is breaking their own site but they will downgrade me for not replying (to messages I never got notified about) within 12 hours