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Message keep scrolling to bottom when client is writing

I’m sure that not many people are bothered by that but I find it very daunting. Some clients are quite chatty and they keep on writing new stuff when I’m trying to read their above message and the the message window keep scrolling to bottom when they are typing, I wish it didn’t happened. :confused: I know it’s not a big issue but I just wish it didn’t happened. It shouldn’t scroll to bottom itself no matter if we’re typing or they’re.



Yes it’s difficult. I’m now used to the messages being in the wrong orders in my inbox. I can’t see the message I just sent because it jumps up to where I can’t see it as soon as I send it. I have to keep refreshing the page to get the messages to be in the correct order. It took a while but you can get used to pretty much anything. :slight_smile:

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