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Message marked spam before I read it or did I do it somehow?

I’m still a newbie, but I went to reply to a message with a question about a sample of my work and it says it’s been marked spam. I don’t see a button I would have hit accidentally, so did Fiverr mark it? I’d like to take a gig, but not at the risk of creating problems.

i got a message of someone requesting a sample of my work as well, also automatically marked as spam… i’m thinking they resell the designs, just convert to the format they need… i did reply but sent a low quality image with a watermark all over it… if that’s a real buyer, he can see the design and will buy the gig, if it’s a re-seller, my design won’t be of much use, he’d get a crappy result just converting it to any format, and good luck removing my all over watermark from a low quality jpeg… ha! …he’d basically have to do it from scratch…