Message not reaching my client


I was talking to my client but then i send message to my client and when i refresh the page i find nothing sent???


many of us facing this…just have patience and contact CS…


I just submit a support ticket to fiverr :frowning:
I was talking to my client and now i lose that job because i could not reply to him :frowning:


If it affects everyone, you didn’t lose the job, because nobody can reply to your client (and the client probably can’t contact anyone now).


same here i have to deliver my projects also :frowning:


@arsalanhassan Yes was about to say that…and also lots more to come at future…so don’t panic…


I’m facing same problem too hopefully this problem will got resolved soon :slight_smile:


i wish this will happen :slight_smile:


i wish mine will resolve soon :slight_smile:


I just spent at least 30 minutes responding to all my messages, I refresh and all my messages are lost. I love this feeling.


UPDATE: I Checked and figured out. When you send something and refresh the page, it will not show. But after 10 minutes you can see your messages in your Fiverr. Please wait till fiverr fix this bug!


@iamsachmusic… yes just noticed …huhh i replied the same message multiple times to client…i am sure she will get irritated…:scream:


:fearful: just sent a client about 10-15 messages in a row, now I’m afraid what’s going to happen


Lmao… Yeah right you do…


Sorry about that… I’m sure your client will understand.


@divyagoel @tobteks @mhassan124 BIG BIG UPDATE: FIVERR IS DOWN!!! OH MY GOD! Very bad timing. I am going to deliver the order within half an hour. :triumph:


yeah she will as she is my repeated buyer… @iamsachmusic …yes finally Fiverr taking a really short break and you too take it…i think the timer will stop and restart after the fiverr will be back…:slight_smile:



I’m not getting the “back rub, short break” thingy here yet though. I had just tried to deliver a progress to my client for review, everything vanished. lol. Crazy huh.


Yeah, Finally