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Message not sending (scraping)

i just share a link of quotes site for scraping to conform from client. now my message not working. if link is not permitted in chat how can explain something to our client. if i work on scraping project for client?. i think its not the professional way to force someone to your site only.

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You can promote your services through your gig and your profile. There should be no reason to link to another website to show off your work. There are specific portfolio websites you can use.

Sir, he wants data from there. then how could know before from which section he wants data? i have just mean to show him in very category there alots of quotes for this purpose i sent a category link.

What makes you say your message isn’t working? Did it say it’s been flagged for checking by the trust and safety team? If not, have you tried reloading the page?

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yes, one message has been flagged by fiverr system. that’s was i just telling for late reply, i have not enough customer here (fiverr) “that’s i almost work at upwork”.

now i tried to send message to few other but every time i got notification “unable to send your message”.

If that first message was very recent, maybe they’re still checking that/waiting to check that (though I sent a message that contains characters the system thought was that and it was approved quickly when they saw it wasn’t actually about that site).

So I wouldn’t mention that site again in Fiverr messaging. It’s possible you might get a warning (eg. if they think you’re advertising that you’re on that site).

So the “unable to send your message” might have been because of the first one if it was a recent thing. You could try logging out/refreshing the page to make sure. You could contact CS if you wanted about that, or wait to see what happens with the first message (eg. whether they approve it or if they say anything about it).