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Message not sending to seller [ARCHIVED - Mostly older thread]

I purchased a gig today that requires me to provide a link to the seller. I pasted my link in the provided box on the shopping page and pressed send, nothing seem to happen. The page refreshed, the box is empty, the message still says that I need to send the link. I have done this about 10 times on the same order and it still says that I haven’t sent the requirements and the order has not started yet. I tried to contact the seller directly but with the same results; I sent a message but noting shows in my in box as being sent. How do I get my info to the seller? Why is the page not doing what it’s suppose to do? Not a great first experience with fiverr so far.

Yip. And now I can’t deliver. Submit a ticket to customer support so they are aware.

i too faced the same problem. i received msg from buyers but can’t reply back.

I experience the same problem and i am not a new user. It must be a technical issue

of fiverr. I will contact customer support.

I am also having the same problem. Nothing works. I also can’t send any messages.

Just for the record I have not sent any spam or suspicious messages. Just normal stuff.

Seems they fixed it. I’m able to deliver now and send messages.

The problem is not fixed for me. It also appears to be browser specific. I can use the messaging system on my Mac but not on my PC using Firefox or the lastest IE.

I’m still having the problem after having contacted Fiverr Customer Support twice in the past two days. The first rep told me I wasn’t having a problem. The second simply asked me if I was still having this problem.

I cannot send messages or conduct any business on Fiverr. As I said before the problem seems to be browser specific. I have tried disabling firewalls, turning off antivirus, and clearing cookies and temp data. Nothing works.

same thing this problem is not solved yet.

@listyb01, may be your link contains other marketplace address. I’ve same problem once. Better you can send your details within a file.

I am still stuck with this problem…any body know what the solution is

Contact Customer Support. Most of this thread is from 2014, so if you are having a specific problem currently you probably need help from CS.