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Message not shown in Inbox

I heard message tone and I clicked on the message tab, there was a new message from a buyer but when I open it into Inbox, That message is not shown. I refreshed the page again and again but in vain
What do I do??

Have a look in your spam folder - I found one there months after it had been sent …


I already checked in spam

Are you using app or desktop?

I am using Desktop.//////

Is the dropdown at thetop of the inbox on left showing a “(1)”?

No, It is showing zero

Well, in that case the sound may well have come from a different tab. If you can’t see it, it’s not in spam and there’s no indicator, the sound was not from Fiverr … or it might have been, but they were just messing with you …

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I asked buyer to resend me the message so he told me that i sent you a message that was blocked by fiverr. He is saying me to contact him on his email. He sent me the email in google docs. What should I do?

Don’t take the communication out of the Fiverr platform. That is against the ToS.

You should insist on talking via private message.

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I would definitely tell the buyer that you can’t do that. No sense in getting a warning on your account (or your account suspended) by communicating off the platform.

If he insists, just move on. There are better buyers on the platform and they will come along. Don’t take risks for the sake of getting a review.


your reply to that particular message will also be reviewed by fiverr trust and safety team…!
so be conscious what you reply to that that !

I did not use email or communication outised fiverr in my message. I just said we are not allowes to do this and he agreed on this.
Thanks for the help

A message blocked by Fiverr? Well, there’s your answer about why you couldn’t find it.

As others have said: Do. Not. Communicate. Outside. Fiverr. Or show any willingness to. Block the “buyer” and move on.