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Message notification but no message

I have got a message notification on fiverr app
The notification stays for upto 2-3 seconds!
But there is no message!
I also have checked spam messages but nothing was there too!
Can anyone tell me what’s happening?


Did you also check on desktop?

Could you possibly check on another device?

Yes i checked, there was also no messages

Yes i checked, there was the same

you can check spam folder also!

I also have checked spam messages also. There was also no messages

That happened to me a few times. It was a long time ago, so all I remember is that either one or both of the following things solved the problem:

  1. Refresh the inbox several times in a row.
  2. Wait a few hours.
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I refreshed the inbox many times also waited for 24 hours or more. There was no message!