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I truly wish that Fiverr could notify us of messages we get from potential clients. I do not always think to hit the “to do” icon at the top of the page. I really liked the old system that informed us of messages on the top of the web page. Do you agree that there should be a better notification system than what we have on this new site? I missed a handful of deals because of it. I know I should probably check the inbox link on the drop down, but you do not always think of that. A notification at the top of the screen makes sure you do not miss a message and potential sale.

kjblynx said: the little green bubble on the top of the page next to the To Do starts blinking.

I don't think mine has ever stopped blinking...


Reply to @est1990: When I first switched to V2, I couldn’t get mine to stop blinking either, and then I just scrolled and scrolled and scrolled, clicking load more and load more and load more in the drop down box until it stopped…but I’m a little OCD that way.


Sometimes I get email notification of messages, sometimes I don’t. It’s rather like when I used to be able to get onto the site without logging in every single time, yet sometimes I couldn’t (even though I always, and I mean always, click on the “remember me” box). Now I have to log on every single time (still click “remember me” with the faint hope that maybe one day the site will recognize its own cookies), therefore I don’t trust that I don’t have messages even though I haven’t received a copy in my personal email box. This is the only site where I have these problems. When we could “test drive” ver.2, I had issues on pretty much every aspect & gave my input, believing the message that said “we’re reading your input”. In only a month or so, the new version went live. I have no doubt there were hundreds & thousands of comments & many had to be negative, but it seems all were pretty much ignored and now we deal with the end result: a prettified site with lots of bugs.


I like the new fiverr, personally…I had just as many bugs with the old fiverr as the new version, and the old version was…well…not good. I had hoped with the new version, the “To Do” list and “Earned This Month” tracker would update in a timely fashion (they don’t, hardly ever)…oh well. I rely on that little green blinking light and track everything else myself. Not really helpful to you, I guess, since you actually want the system to keep you updated…


Reply to @emasonwrites: Hmm… I may have to take the time and just keep hitting ‘load more’ until it finally stops blinking…


Reply to @est1990: It does take some time, but I find that it’s worth it.

Pro tip: Sometimes it’ll start blinking again, even though I know I’ve checked all my notifications, and you just have to scroll and click “Load More” once, and it’ll clear itself again.


Reply to @emasonwrites: Overall I like the new site. You are correct. the old site had it’s share of problems. I like to think site improvement is an ongoing process. Hopefully they will help make the notification process a bit easier.