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Message reported as spam

Help Me please any one! someone has reported my message as spam on till than I am not only disabled to send message even I could not see my inbox, I write to customer support but no one take bother to help me. due to this issue I am also unable to deliver my buyer, and time has already exceed, some one please help me.

Sheriff’s Note: Your post is not a tip for sellers, so it will be moved to Fiverr FAQ. If you are patient and polite Customer Support will answer you but since you were reported for spam there is no guarantee you will have the block lifted. Good luck.

Fiverr is very strict about TOS, so no one need to violate fiverr TOS.

Customer Support will take some time to get back to you.
How long has it been since you submitted a ticket? They say it will take them 24 hours to get back to you but they usually reply faster.
I’m sorry this happened to you.