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Message Response time yet some questions


Last whole night was involved in some PHP working and when I have gone for bed at 5 am, then some guy messaged (inbox) me with some math problem. And when I wake up and see the problem and replied “I don’t know anything about this problem, I have no idea, pls go to some other guy.”, by that time response time has gone up to 5 hours with some red marked. This is not fare. :thinking:

There can be any sleeping timing slot in the message(inbox)?
Anyone can think of this and there might be an option which gives some scope to that sellar to get some sleep. And definitely without the worries of message response time going upward.

Pls comments on the issue and have any more idea which might improve this response matter.

Best regards

Kmshahid (shahidullah039)


You have 24 hours to respond to a new message before it affects your stats. The worst that will happen is your average time to reply might go up a little. Any change to your response rate will be in relation to another message that you may not have responded to within 24 hours.

So long as you respond within 24 hours (to the first new message), you’re fine.