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Message spam problem

Please any one guide me
how can I solve this issue? No anyone customer can send me a message,
Any customer who wants to contact me Then they are massaged by fiverr
In which it is written (Your message is reviewed by our trust and safety team since it is suspected to spam. Instead of sending the same message to multiple seller POSTS OF PUBLIC REQUESTE. Note: messaging to advertise your services is not allowed) It starts when the customer wants to message to me This was told to me by a customer

Send your fiver profile link, ill try to message you…

Worked for me…

I had no problem messaging you

This was a problem I was told by a customer and The screenshot was also sent by the same customer

Ok. But I was able to message you, and you replied to my message.

So I think this is a problem with the person who has messaged you. Not with you. I think your account is fine.

I think maybe this person is both a buyer and a seller. I think maybe they have been spamming buyers and so now cannot send new messages. Maybe.

Also, the message he sent does look like spam to me, it does not make sense.

right sir thank you so much