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Message system sucks!

Hey guys, I looked that there is a problem between the message board, the mailing and the app. Some times I see messages readed marked as “new”, the worst part is that the response time if affecting me in a negative way. Looks like I didn’t response 13% of messages and this is not true. Fiverr takes 20% of each $5 gig… It’s just me? Thanks.

I don’t understand your messaging issue. If in doubt just send another reply to the “new message” in order to stop the response time from increasing. Reply to all messages, no exceptions. It’ll get better over time, don’t worry.

Not just you. All sellers have 20% of our sales, no matter what the gig is sold for. That’s how Fiverr makes its money.

@xqggqx is absolutely correct. You should answer all messages, no matter what. Even if the client has responded with simply “Thanks.” Respond to messages like this with a “You’re welcome” or a happy face.

The bottom line is that you should be having the last word in literally all conversations in your messages. This will ensure that your percentage and response time are the best that they can be.