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Message to our dear future generation

Dear future generations, as you can see this world is a conspiracy against you a conspiracy to prevent you from unleashing your full potential as a human being. A conspiracy to turn you into cattle into submissive pathetic ignorant creatures. So future generations if you don’t follow yourself, you will surely become ignorant like most of us and destruction and suffering will keep plaguing the earth. We have destroyed a planet because we have been a victim of this conspiracy which has prevented most of us to learn the right knowledge. So please become self-aware and MEDITATE a little bit every day.
Stop watching screens and don’t let the elites to turn you into a machine. Learn for yourself and stop believing the bullshit that the corporate media will tell.

Moral : Start Learning and Earning I think Fiverr is a nice place.

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Nice post, bust sorry how is that related to fiverr experience?

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Yes, it may not be directly related to Fiverr experience but I can see a lot of people who use shortcut methods for their gigs, they are not choosing hard work. Shoutout to working people.

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I really want to reply but I am not sure what to say.
One question I have is how can I work on Fiverr without watching screens?

Also, is this message for people like me or for future generations?


Looking at his picture, I think he is your future generation. :confused:

Btw @eoinfinnegan, is there anyway to like :heart: the closing note that you put at the end of threads?

Thanks for your valuable message to this generations thank you:+1:

Come on now, no need to insult the guy :wink:

Glad they are appreciated; they are more for my personal amusement though, knowing that others cannot respond/rebuke/dispute them.


If thats the case, I want that badge :smiling_imp:

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Everything is a conspiracy against our success as human beings. A conspiracy to turn us into “ignorant pathetic” cattle, I tell you!

Now, where is my tin-foil hat? I left it around here somewhere…

Hmm. Maybe the alien media agents took it?

I guess I’ll go meditate, and then make a new one. :wink:


Yes @eoinfinnegan they are severely entertaining. Thought I’d let you know as well!

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It depends on what your perspective is. My message is clear “Dear Future Generation”. My message is positive.

Watching screens is not directly referred to computers screens.
Utilizing screens and investing time is way too different than watching additive TV shows and online videos and wasting time.
I meant to say that if time can be invested, doing something online like in Fiverr why to waste our time watching screens.
I hope I made my point clear. :slight_smile:

You are most welcome.