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Message to the newbiz like me

hello guyz
It’s little bit tough to manage a sell if you are here as a newcomer.i am also on the same line as you are.
what i am doing it may help you :-

  1. I have created gigs and tried to make it unique.

2.i have created a video for the gig also.Everybody says that a video can boost up your sell.

  1. Try to learn a lot from this forum. some guys are awesome here.If you have any query just post it here. i make sure that you will get the answer you needed to know within short time.

4.i’m focused on social media marketing although i haven’t a lot of friends on facebook and follower on twitter.i try to share my gigs in some group on facebook, twitter.

5.trying to be active on fiverr as much as possible for me.

  1. I send buyer request everyday since i created gigs.

  2. patience makes a result much better. And i believe that strongly. so i am trying to keep patience until success comes on me.

That’s all i am doing right now. there may be a few things to do except above all.
Experts are here to makes a sound.

You are on the right Path my friend! Keep the patience and the Good work ! And i promise you , success will follow!

thanks #sammoume1. It will motivate me

This seal will help you but only if you click on it =)

You can’t use awkward seal like that!


You are on the right Path my friend

thanks #shoaib123

thanks #emmaki

That’s helpful, thanks! Do you have any suggestions on how to stand out? Unfortunately, many of the services I offer are already being offered by others. How do I attract buyers to pick someone whose sales are less prominent?

keep sending buyer request. may be it will help you.

great and motivating post. thanks