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Message was flagged for review by our Trust and Safety team

The client desired to decrease the rate due to produce a lot of works and then I approached to do the work at Fiverr or, outside of Fiverr due to deduct the charge.
Maybe It’s my fault to tell outside.
I am sorry and apologized for this issue.
I am committed not to do again for future.
That’s why, I approached again to the client to work Fiverr for further projects.

Already 30 hours is going over, but still now I have to face same problem.

Can you tell me how I can get rid of this issue?
What I can do to leave the “flag”?
How I can continue the work with this client?
when/How my message could be visible to the client?
Please, See the screenshot of my last conversation.

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No maybe about it - you were 100% at fault.

If you continue using words in your Fiverr messages which are getting flagged, you’ll be lucky to keep your account, to be honest.


If you tell people you will work outside of fiverr to reduce the rate, you will lose your account.

Don’t be that desperate.


Fiverr’s auto detect system really works.


Yes it does! It’s surprising how often the word “pay” comes up in a regular conversation on fiverr and I have to take that word out of a sentence and find a substitute so it doesn’t get flagged.


Why would you want to go out of Fiverr? that´s like jumping to a cliff. You are safer here having all workflow and ´´admin stuff´´ solved.


Start looking for a new source of income now :slight_smile: Your funds are about to be locked for 90 days.


Well, you’re lucky you only had 2 reviews cause your account is 99% gonna be banned. Sorry mate, good luck.


You’ll be really lucky ( which I doubt ) if your account is not suspended after what you’ve done. The flattery that you did in the last reply wont help either. :roll_eyes:


IAM having same problem but I did different
buyer asked me what 3rd party websites are blocked in ur country
I told him upwork , pornographic etc are blocked in my country and I don’t use them
then apparently same message came below my text …
would that be problem ??

its funny how you he changes his mind as soon as he got flagged! :rofl: