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Message was flagged for review


I just received an message and I replied with this “Hi ,Thanks for contacting me.Let me know what I can do for you
then I received this warning from fiverr “Your message was flagged for review by our Trust and Safety team,
due to possible Terms of Service violation. This process may take up to 24 hours.
In the meantime, your message is not visible to (username). Your patience is appreciated.”
Anyone have this problem yet?

can anyone tell me why I received this warning?

TOS Break by me?

I could be that it was flagged because the person that sent it is sending spam? Maybe?


Please see screenshot this is our whole conversation
1st message from buyer was: Listen
then I replied


I read the screenshot.

I am saying the message was flagged because the person sent you an unsolicited message which contains an unusual message. It is not a request for your gigs.

There are Fiverr users who may be sending spam to their competitors in hopes of lowering the response rate of the person the message is sent to. This person who sent you this message may have sent out several of them and Fiverr noticed and is not allowing them. However, I see your concern with your response rate now possibly going down.


But this warning was showing when I replied.after that I send him 4 message and we both can reply.
I don’t understand what’s happening :frowning: I am very serious about Fiverr ToS and maintain all of the rules


Perhaps it was the word “contacting” that triggered it (as in, asking for contact outside of Fiverr).

I usually tell them “thank you for taking interest in my services”. :slightly_smiling_face:


Then the trust and safety team will see that and you will not suffer any hardship over this.


This is one of fiverr default quick response option


Waiting for their response


With Fiverr being as buggy as it is, it could still be a triggering word.

That’s just a guess, of course, I don’t know that for sure. Anyway, @vickiespencer is correct, Trust & Safety team will see that you did nothing wrong, and you’ll be fine. It was just an automated warning that happens when something triggers it.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Just received this message :slight_smile: @vickiespencer @catwriter