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Message was flagged

My buyer cannot make payment using her card. so she asked me is there anyway buy outside purchase.
I just tell her that “it’s not legal for me to take payment outside of Fiverr.” now the message is flagged.

" Your message was flagged for review by our Trust and Safety team,
due to possible Terms of Service violation. This process may take up to 24 hours.
In the meantime, your message is not visible to client-name. Your patience is appreciated. "

is it will be a problem for me? how can I remove flagged message?

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You can’t remove a flag, but CS will review your message.

I think you got that the wrong way around - it is ‘illegal’ for you to take payment outside Fiverr.

Perhaps it would have been better to say ‘all payments have to be within Fiverr’?


I got flagged for saying ‘I can’t link videos outside of Fiverr.’, but CS reviewed it and determined it was okay. Just be careful with wording. ‘I can only take payment on Fiverr.’ ‘I can only link videos with Fiverr-related content.’ etc.


Yep - it’s the ‘outside of Fiverr’ bits that get flagged. :wink:


Yes It’s right. Fiverr CS review the wording for immediate flagging.