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Message with another seller


Another seller asked me if I noticed any difference in my gig placement and said that I did after sharing this message with him, Should I be concerned about the message in red

" No sir, people with all green rates are on the last pages too… but that’s a very high possibility, that wasn’t applied earlier, but with the update everything’s possible here if you notice that in december I have cancelled some orders that didn’t show 1 star rating but after the 21st january when my gigs disappeared I looked through my reviews and the 1 star review appeared.

Your message is being reviewed by our Trust and Safety team due to a possible [ToS] violation. This may take up to 24 hours. In the meantime, theseller can’t see your message. We appreciate your patience.


No, it is okay. The system did put your message on hold and is marked as a possibility of policy violation. But according to your above message, it is fine and the Trust and Safety team will review it and approve your message. You just have to wait.

Mentioning seller or buyer usernames is not allowed on Fiverr Forum. Kindly remove the seller name.


Thank you so much sir.