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Messages acting strangely

I am experiencing some weird behaviour with messages.

Sometimes when I click Send within either a regular conversation, or within an order conversation, the screen refreshes and my message disappears.
I have also noticed over the last week that when I click Messages in the nav bar, sometimes nothing happens, and instead my address bar appends a /#! to the end of it, and nothing happens. I have to wait a moment and then try again.

Anyone else experiencing this?

EDIT I have tried this on both Chrome and Firefox, Mac and Windows.


I am experiencing the same issues Sir. It messed up some conversations for me as it failed to send the message and just gets refreshed. Hope they fix it soon.


I have same problem, What happen?

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I have a problem with the messages. I can’t scroll down to the last message, to write and send a new message. Please fix it

Feverr, a-woo! Why the mailbox is buggy. Disappears altogether. Refresh the page - messages appear. You start to work disappear again. Fix it or find another platform.