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Messages are not appearing in my inbox

Oookay… so the buyer and I were discussing things about the order, until suddenly the messages I sent disappeared in my order chat. I tried using my laptop instead and still the messages won’t appear. I’m only receiving notifications of the message and none of the new ones appeared when I go to the notifications and inbox. I think my buyer is experiencing this as well(?)

I searched about this problem and saw that buyers and sellers actually did experience this “missing messages” situation… up to this day this problem still occurs. So far there’s no solution except wait for Fiverr to fix the bug(?) but I hope Fiverr does though, I only have 8 hours left (since the ordered package has a 24-hour delivery time) to deliver what my buyer ordered and I’m not sure if he/she approves of the progress.

It’s either I proceed with the order and provide a free revision in case he/she didn’t like the result or ask the buyer to cancel the order for the meantime :frowning:


I can confirm that the issue seems to be happening with many others (Including me). I literally Delivered an order 5 times yet it did not get delivered somehow. But the order page says “Will be marked as completed in 3 Days”. I managed to send the client the file through the private conversation.

Oh I see. It really sucks when this problem occurs especially when the deadline is a few hours away!

It’s a good thing that you were able to send the file through the private conversation though, in my case, even the private conversation is suffering from the absence of the new messages.

Check and see if it works now. All the deliveries I sent have seem to update on the order page.

Edit: All at once.

This was happening to a buyer and I earlier today as well. After a little while the messages went through and all was well, the buyer said it must have just been a “server delay”.

I am having this issue as well, although I have not contacted the cs about this. I had a recent order, and I have delivered the work (revised) I am yet to get that work reviewed, I checked my inbox, but I can’t see my current client’s messages at all. Not even his name is in my inbox. Although, I have all the messages intact from my previous buyer, but not the current one. Why?

Are you sure the current client sent you a message through the inbox? Or did they just order directly and not message in the inbox?


As uk1000 said, if your correspondence was through the ORDER page, you would NOT see a list of messages in your IN box from them.

Also, if you were wanting to message this buyer to ask them to review or anything like that, do not do that. You are not allowed to press the buyer for a review.

Where you would find your last client or this client whom you recently delivered for would be under the tab COMPLETED orders on your dashboard under orders.



Okayyy, that makes sense, indeed, the order was direct. Actually, I had a conversation with the buyer on my mobile app, this entire time I thought, I am messaging him through the chatbox. It confused me further because, I couldn’t find him in notifications either. When checked the orders, I did find the conversations :sweat_smile:
Thank you.